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Close-up of a 2022 graduation tassel on a graduation cap.

4 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your UMN Commencement Ceremony


On behalf of the team at The Link Minneapolis, congratulations to the Class of 2022 on your upcoming graduation from the University of Minnesota. For this year’s University of Minnesota commencement, the university is returning to its pre-COVID tradition of each campus, college, school, and program hosting their own commencement activities, and for the Twin Cities campuses, that means a series of ceremonies will take place from May 6 through May 16. If you’re not sure about the details of your specific commencement ceremony, check out the Twin Cities commencement info page on the school’s website. 

Here are four commencement tips to help you maximize your enjoyment and make great memories of your college graduation. 

Eat & Hydrate Beforehand

Eat a meal and drink plenty of water before you go, but stop drinking an hour or so before the ceremony so you don’t need to use the bathroom during proceedings. Since we’re engaging in potty talk, make it a point to use the bathroom right before you have to take your appointed place for your ceremony, again to avoid having to duck out mid-ceremony and potentially miss something important (like your own name being called!). 

Aim for Cute But Comfy With Your Attire

You’ll be walking and standing A LOT, so comfy shoes and smart casual clothing under your graduation gown is probably the best way to go. It’s hard to enjoy an event when your feet are blistered or your pants are too tight. Also, keep in mind that changes or additions to the official graduation regalia are not permitted (and could result in you being barred from your ceremony). 

Pockets Are Your Friends

Still on the topic of clothing, wear something with pockets that can hold anything you need to bring (phone, ID, tissues, cash or debit card, hair pins, etc.) so you can stay hands-free during the ceremony. Schlepping a purse or bag is not convenient or a great look. 

Get Charged Up

Make sure your phone and anything else battery-dependent is fully charged before you leave for the ceremony. It’s a real party pooper to run out of juice and not be able to take photos after the ceremony or track down your family and friends after the ceremony. 

This Is Your Moment – Take It All In

Be present. Look, listen, and embrace the moment rather than trying to take numerous pictures or record the whole ceremony on your phone and being distracted. Your guests will snap a ton of pics and the event is recorded officially. 

Enjoy your commencement festivities, and talk to The Link’s staff about reserving one of our social spaces for your graduation celebration. For more handy information about student life at UMN and more broadly, living in Minneapolis, check out our other blog posts.


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